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Destroyer of Worlds

There’s a convincing school of thought that goes:

You are already perfect, you’ve just built up so many garbage, false, facade structures around yourself that you can no longer see or operate as your true being.

All this time is wasted trying to build something “out there” that you feel doesn’t exist yet. Tons of energy dumped into building something new while you have a concrete block tied to your back. It’s inefficient and exhausting.

Perhaps the path of least resistance is not in trying, desperately, to build something external to ourselves that we think will make us feel better, but rather, to DESTROY all fallacies within which prevent us from knowing the truth of what already is.

When we take aim at our own walls and destroy them, the world comes right up to us in the most brilliant ways.

Of course, I’m not preaching—I’m only trying to convince myself.


Sit with Yourself for One Hour


Can you do it?

Really sit with yourself.

No binaural beats or mantras or chanting. No mudras or sacred shapes or crystals or pyramids. No diaphragm breathing or visualizations or attempts to go out of body.

Just sit with yourself in silence and tune into your body for a full hour.

It can be a terrifying experience at first.

In the past, I’ve invented a whole slew of excuses to cut the hour short, but I’ve slowly trained myself to just sit there, acknowledge whatever thought comes up, feel whatever feelings are inspired fully and deeply, and just let them pass through.

Sitting with yourself in this way is an incredibly effective form of processing if you can manage it.

Here are some challenges I faced early on and tips for moving beyond them:

—Your body will convince you it’s hungry or has to pee. Acknowledge this and let the feeling pass. Go deeper. You won’t even notice it after a few minutes (just like when you’re sleeping, you tend to be able to “hold it” for a long time).

—Old and new injuries will flare up, pets and children will attempt to interrupt, phones will inevitably ring (even if you thought you put them in sleep mode). Plan for these: find a comfortable space before you start, let people know you wish to be in silence for an hour and request they not interrupt, turn your phone completely off and leave it in another room (phone off? blasphemy!).

—Let whatever thought comes up, come up. This isn’t a process of escapism into the void, this is contemplative emotional processing; your mind and body will bring up the thoughts designed to trigger something you need to FEEL and release. Let whatever thoughts come up trigger somewhere in your body. Ask: where do I feel this in my body? and move your attention to that feeling until it has burned itself out.

—Boredom is a sign that you’re not allowing your mind to deliver relevant content. Sit back and let the movie theater in your head play whatever it wants to play. No thoughts are off limits, whatever comes up is not a reflection of your character, it is merely a catalyst trigger designed to trigger an emotion within you that wants to be released.

—Every thought that comes up is a Law of Attraction event. The key is to use each thought as a way to get into how you FEEL about the scene you’re seeing in your mind.

This has been an incredibly valuable experience and practice for me. It trains my body to react by, first, FEELING, as EVERYTHING in reality is a Law of Attraction event helping each of us release some emotion which has been trapped in our nervous system (or at least that’s the experiment and hypothesis I’m currently testing with great success).

The tendency when something bad or negative happens is to immediately launch into action.

This is you hiding from your own FEAR.

Sitting with yourself for an hour once a month or week, or day trains you into FEELING FIRST.

That’s why the event is in your life in the first place—to feel something and burn out trapped emotions in your nervous system.

We want to respond to life before we have to feel anything.

This is backward.

When we learn to FEEL FIRST successful navigation of reality becomes obvious.

Clarity abounds.

Feel first, friends. Then act from inspiration.

Can you sit with yourself for an hour?


Life Transformation & Acupuncture with Nada Hogan

Had a chance to chat with transformational life coach and acupuncturist, Nada Robertson Hogan this week.

It was fun to gab about spirit science and the power of our thoughts.

We discuss how to reach for bigger desires while finding comfort right where you’re at.

We also touch a bit on each of the following (and more!):

—Eastern vs. Western philosophy
—The interesting cross-section of spirituality and science
—How your body responds to thoughts, fear, and love
—The 3 Wise Men: Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza
—The benefits of acupuncture and the ailments it’s good for (hint: almost everything)

And much, much more!

Tune in while you’re driving, working out, lolly-gagging, or lounging around and post your comments, feedback, and questions.

Thank you for your attention.

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Jack Peterson is a men’s coach in Austin, Texas helping people find their voice, courage, and mojo.

We talk about everything from feeling your intuition in your body to the ethical dilemmas of circumcision, conspiracy theories, and what it means to live as an empowered man in this day and age.