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Spiritual crisis

The reason why spiritual awakening is so often met first by seeming spiritual crisis has to do with your sensitivity to subtle energy.

Your emotions serve as a compass showing you where your heart’s desire lives.

When we’re unconscious and unaware of subtle energy, we can get really really far off track before we even have a conscious recognition that we are not living aligned with purpose.

However, as we awaken, we become increasingly more sensitive to that internal compass of ours: emotions. That sensitivity is designed to dial us in to the exact opportunities that serve us, but if we don’t know that, it can feel like we are spinning out of control.

In spiritual crisis, we don’t know how to deal with the new sensitivity to energy. What used to take massive life events to upset us, now happens over the tiniest of things. Because we start feeling upset about so many new things we often think that there is a mental disorder that is causing us to be depressed.

Many of us immediately try to mute the new sensitivity with drugs, alcohol, and medication. We don’t want to feel how unaligned with our purpose we are. So we fade out.

If we can recognize how to use the compass of our emotions, though, we can begin to change things in our life and make new choices that feel more aligned with what we are sensing. As we shift, make new choices, and get more aligned we start feeling better and better.

We actually get to a place when we’re feeling pretty good about our life and then depression sets in again seemingly out of no where. This is another awakening of sorts.

Spiritual awakening typically happens in phases. Each phase opens up new sensitivity in us. It’s designed to guide us closer and closer to the exact opportunities and experiences that are aligned with us.

The good thing about this escalating sensitivity is that the highs will feel much higher now, but the lows will feel like death if you allow yourself to linger there too long.

The key is recognizing that your emotions are just guidance showing you whether you are thinking about the world and making the choices that are aligned with your higher intentions.

When you are traveling at rapid speeds, the slightest jerk of the wheel can put you completely off the road and into a tree. As you awaken, reality is moving through you at ever increasing speeds.

This is bad if you stay focused on what isn’t working and remain unaligned with purpose because it will put you into a fast and hard downward spiral. However, this new sensitivity is great if you learn to be deliberate in your thoughts and vibrational output, because with reality running through you faster, you will find manifestation of desires happens much quicker.

Consciousness technology like crystals, pyramids, sacred geometry, etcetera makes us more sensitive. That means if we are aligned with purpose the tech helps us fine-tune that even more. If we aren’t, it might feel icky at first because that “icky feeling” is designed to get you to turn. To make some new choices. As you get more aligned with purpose, you’ll be able to use these tools with greater and greater success.

Don’t fret if you’re feeling freaked out over seemingly little things. Or if things that never used to bother you now seem like huge issues. This is normal. You’re becoming more sensitive to subtle energy as a way to better tune into the reality experiences that will thrill you.

Learn to use it. Learn to make more pure choices. To only move towards things which feel fully aligned.

How do you do that? By following the: “If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a heck NO!” philosophy. You learn to say no more often to things that are not fully aligned with who you have become and in doing so you make the space for the opportunities that will make your heart sing. Of course, you also have to start saying yes to things that you know you should be doing. You have to pep talk yourself to the point where those known choices feel like the only thing you could possibly do. Pep talk yourself into inspired action that is a 100% HECK YES!

It’s natural to have dips. Interpret your dips as increases in sensitivity and alter course accordingly. You’re developing a more refined reality palate.

Dang. You fancy. 😉

Reach out if you think you’re going through a spiritual crisis and need someone to talk with about it. I’m a good listener.

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