time traveler


Look up to the sky
when the sun’s gone to bed
and thousands of lights
will dance ‘round your head.

Each star tells a story
As they circle and jig
And even though they look little
they’re really quite big.

That’s the thing with our own eyes
They only see what they know
And things often look different
viewed from above and below.

And that’s what the stars do
as they glisten and glow.
They circle each other
and point to things we don’t know.

If this guy sees this thing
And that girl sees that
One might see a round star
While the other sees flat.

But the lights high at night
carry a message with them
It’s that when their light dies
it also begins.

‘Cause stars can be funny
speaking riddles to you.
But things that are funny
are usually true.

So the next time you gaze
at the sky with big eyes.
It could be that star
is both gentle and wise.

And that’s why we like them
when they tickle our mind.
Because stars are like people
who are better when kind.

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