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I’m playing around with simulation theory as presented by Tom Campbell and finding it fascinating.

One thing that stands out is this: Reality is just information with a series of “probable” futures that are always calculating in the “probable future database” to more easily render what we consider the present moment.

The interesting thing is that when future probabilities contain uncertainty, they become more influenced by conscious intent.

Meaning: It would be very difficult for me to change the color of the sky from blue to solid red because too many “players” in this reality have already anchored “blue” as the sky’s predominant color. The probability that the sky will be blue when I look up is approaching 100-percent on most clear days.

However, when it comes to something like, “Will I land that client or gig I want?” there are much greater levels of uncertainty present in the future probable database because there are so many unknowns, which means the reality I ultimately experience is much more influenced by my intention.

If things are more malleable or fluid when greater amounts of uncertainty exist, then introducing greater and greater levels of uncertainty might just be the best way to shift a scenario into alignment with your intent.

People who are rigid in their belief systems have much less “conscious control” over how reality shows up for them because they refuse to introduce any uncertainty into their belief systems. Uncertainty requires a level of fearlessness to navigate successfully.

Where people living from a place of deep curiosity or those having a stance of “I don’t know” open themselves up to conflicting viewpoints and information sets which then create greater uncertainty in themselves and the system. This may ultimately be what allows the reality system to lean in favor of their intent.

As uncertainty goes up, the very existence of the item in question becomes more malleable and susceptible to conscious intent.

If you can get enough people to question whether the sky rally is blue, you might be able to introduce the uncertainty requires to shift the way the sky renders in the future.

With the internet giving us data that can convince us of almost any “fact” we want to believe, the levels of uncertainty in reality are at all-time highs, which is likely why those of us embracing uncertainty are having such success with conscious reality creation.

Just a thought designed to break up your current paradigm and introduce a bit more uncertainty into your life—because that just might be where all the magic lives. ?


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