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They Made Me Angry

What demons live within you? Have you taken ownership over them? Or are you still blaming everyone else for your life’s blunders and upsets?

From what I’ve observed within my own life:

No one else makes me mad.

No one outside of myself makes me sad.

No one external from me makes me joyful.

I have anger inside me and others can trigger my awareness of my own anger and the necessity to release it.

I have sadness within my soul and someone can do something which shows me this is the case so that I might do something to transmute it.

I have joy that bubbles up to the surface when I get inspired, but what is in me is mine.

Nothing “out there” makes me feel anything.

Others may show me who I am, but I feel only what is already inside of me.

I can choose to release what’s inside of me when it no longer serves me and grow the areas which do serve…

Or I can let old wounds fester.

Personally, I’m working with myself and my clients to help us each grow in personal awareness on why we each feel and act the way we do and how we can transmute that into positive potential.

My interest is in inspiring myself and others into a growth experience that feels meaningful and rewarding.

For me, that looks like intense honesty about how I’m showing up, the responsibility I’m willing to take for every event in my life, and confronting my demons before they confront and try to destroy me.

And it’s working.

I feel lifted and purposeful and buoyant.

Everywhere I look I find meaning.

Everyone I meet is a teacher.

If that’s ever something you’re interested in exploring, I’d love to chat with you about what I see working in my and my clients lives.

We are learning how to clean our own room and watching that organized stance ripple out into the rest of the world.

We are training to be warriors in gardens, rather than gardeners at war.

We are big and beautiful, but meek.

We know how to use our swords, but we keep them sheathed.

We feel all of our feelings because that’s what we understand humility to be.

We find strength in God and lift incredible weights with that love flowing through us.

We are courageous and without fear.

Which means we can truly stand in integrity.

Life has more meaning when we are willing to own our experiences and accept full responsibility for them.

Or that’s the hypothesis, anyhow.

It’s an ongoing experiment, but the early results look promising.


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