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The Soul Experiment

Everything that happens to each of us, no matter the circumstances, is a gift from your soul attempting to get you to wake up to your true feelings and passions.

That’s the experiment.

It’s an experiment that has served me very well, but it is not easy, at first.

It’s like working out at the gym—it’s hard, but worth it in the long run.

Every time an event happens in my life, minuscule or huge, I ask one question:

“What is this event trying to get me to feel?”

Our soul has a deep desire to communicate through our spirit and physical bodies, but it doesn’t communicate with words, the soul communicates with EMOTIONS.

But when we repress or deny certain emotions, our soul—which is designing our entire reality—attempts to trigger those repressed emotions because it knows how healthy it is for us to feel them fully.

No external event is possible unless it matches something inside of you.

Our soul wants us to have this beautiful fearlessness to experience the entire spectrum of emotion and feeling that reality has to offer.

Our soul wants to free us from the constraints and limitations of past failures, trauma, and grief.

But to free us, we have to actually FEEL all of those emotions, no matter how painful they may be at first.

As we feel those repressed emotions, we loosen the samskaras (emotional blocks) which prevent us from living fully in joy and thriving.

The soul experiment is to let reality be a mirror to what those emotional blocks are and allow life to trigger their release.

“What is this event REALLY trying to get me to feel?”

Then FEEL as best you can whatever emotion starts to creep up.

It might draw tears or shaking or shivers.

It might bring joy or elation or appreciation.

The soul experiment is to let WHATEVER emotion life is triggering within you, in every moment, to be felt fully.

But we have to have the courage to feel deeply into those emotions because many of us hide from our true feelings with the masking emotions of anger, rage, jealousy, vengeance, etc.

It’s important to feel these, too, but I try to be very careful that I FEEL them within myself (“I have so much anger inside of me!”) without PROJECTING them at someone else (I attempt to be aware enough NOT to say, “I am angry AT [a person or event]”).

Then I follow that masking emotion deep into what my soul is really attempting to trigger me into feeling: the sorrow, grief, rejection, or sadness that has acted as a samskara, blocking me from my full potential.

“I hate that person!”


“I feel misunderstood, hurt, and rejected.”

Life is attempting to trigger this kind of emotional release within all of us.

When we release samskaras, we become transparent to life—life begins to flow through us. We become unstoppable because we have zero resistance to life.

We get out of our own way.

When this transparency to life occurs, we are much better able to wield our own power and stand courageously in the face of tyranny, sorrow, grief, or whatever life brings us.

And since life is just a mirror to what our soul is actually feeling, then once we feel fully through all of our causal grief, life begins to transform before our very eyes.

All the heartache and uphill battles become joyous unfolding.

It starts by understanding that life is mirroring to you what you most need to feel in every moment.

==> What is this moment right now trying to get me to feel at the deepest level? How can I feel that fully, right now?

That’s the soul experiment.


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