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Spiritual Entourage

“Spiritual Entourage” is the phrase I use to define the POTENTIAL that exists all around me.

I’m not 100% sure whether there are actual entities and/or spiritual beings that are around me at all times, guiding me, but I am certain that there is always “additional potential” available to me in some form.

That form might look like a great idea or new inspiration. It might be the motivation to actually do something I know I should do. It might just be a feeling of being loved or a feeling of clarity or knowing in a moment I need it.

Tom Campbell would call the “spiritual entourage” the form or metaphor your mind gives the guidance you’re receiving from the larger consciousness system.

AJ Miller would say you have benevolent spiritual guides that are either on the natural love or divine love path and always looking to drop thoughts in your mind which will serve you.

Abraham-Hicks would say that non-physical energy delights to see you actualize your potential in the physical realm and they move with you into that potential, aligning things on the road to achieving the leading edge.

However you define it, there is VALUE in expecting that POTENTIAL can seemingly come out of nowhere and be BESTOWED upon you.

WHO is doing the bestowing is not so important as knowing that you are BESTOW-ABLE!

That’s what I mean when I say, “spiritual entourage.” It’s a helpful metaphor or trojan horse for tricking my mind, body, and spirit into being greater than it thinks it can.


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