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Something I’ve discovered through experience is that good praying isn’t about spinning in your problems. It’s not a mantra of:

How do I figure this out?!

How do I figure this out?!

How do I figure this out?!

It’s much more advanced yet subtle than problem spinning for a solution.

Good praying, for me, is about my accepting that I don’t know the solution but that God knows, perfectly, what my next step should be.

Prayer, for me, is a surrender into that potential.

“I don’t know, but You do.”

It’s about getting out of my own way enough that life has the opportunity to miraculously turn for me.

And “miracles” don’t always look like a Hallmark movie, at first.

I have to be trusting that life is presenting me with something I NEED to gain clarity and grow in wisdom.

It’s showing me something within myself I’ve been refusing to acknowledge and feel.

How often have I had these same feelings triggered but ignored them completely?

Life is giving me an opportunity to actually EXPERIENCE at every level of the spectrum.

And when I surrender into that experience and explore that spectrum, my prayers tend to wind up answered.


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