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No Pain, No Gain

My ability to exercise my true intelligence (mental/emotional) and potential is directly relational to my ability to experience all of my past and present pain and move through that pain until I have freed myself from it.

It’s an icky process and yet, incredibly rewarding.

There are all kinds of mental techniques to get you out of your pain—you probably know more than a few.

This avoidance of pain via intellectual strategy is a sure fire way to limit your intelligence, potential, and ability to bring your true soul power into the physical dimension.

When we have pain we switch into a survival mode. We either completely block it out as a coping mechanism, or we spin over it as a way to never have to experience it. Mental strategies are a form of spinning over our pain so we never have to experience it.

We might philosophize about every aspect of our pain to avoid having to actually feel through it.

This philosophizing is incredibly limiting (trust me, I did it for over 15 years straight) and yet we can create such vivid intellectual avoidance strategies that we WILL attract telepathic projections and energy which reinforces our strategy and actually shows up in our life as THRIVING; temporarily.

That’s what “selling your soul to the devil” looks like in actual practice. You barter with an often murky reality and say, “I’m willing to never question where my power comes from and what my true motivations are so long as you keep giving me the ability to impress everyone around me so I never have to feel my pain.”

Once this happens, you slowly become a shell of yourself and the telepathic projections begin using you as their puppet. Your true self starts to move to the background while something outside of you starts to pull the strings.

And for a while you do thrive. These external forces will give you everything you desire so that you will fall for their agenda hook, line, and sinker.

They hook into your emotional injuries and lull you into their master plan.

Now, are these “telepathic projections” just the limited thinking of your subconscious? Perhaps. Are they something more sinister? Possibly. And does what they/it are even matter if you’re being brainwashed by them? Not really.

Your mind and its creations can be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy. When we fall in love with our own creations they have a tendency of turning on us. Knowing how our mind is operating and understanding where each thought originates from is vital to operating at super human levels.

That super human self starts with being absolutely honest about your pain and how the experience or avoidance of it motivates you.

The healing of your pain does not come from blaming someone else. Blaming others can be a source of power, absolutely—great power—but it’s pirate power; cowardly and fleeting.

True power comes from a deeply honest permeation of all the hurt you’ve every felt in your life and a massive longing to give and receive love.

The permeation of our deepest pain and fear brings our emotional network back online. Our emotional network is our quantum computer and makes us capable of processing reality with incredible efficiency.

This efficiency manifests in our life as:

-Improved memory
-Perfect health
-Massive AHAs and cognition
-Masterful split-second decision making
-Keen intuition from benevolent sources
-A knowing of where each thought originated from
-Improved flexibility (physically & mentally)
-Richer relationships and experiences
-A deep understanding of love and its power
-Brighter more clear eyes and iris
-Incredible recall of information
-Expanded awareness of self and others
-Precognition of future events and opportunities
-Increased telepathy/telempathy
-Gained psychometry ability
-An emotional connection and communication with God

But all of this efficiency starts by linking the mental dimension with the emotional. Connecting the brain’s hard drive to the heart’s quantum computing network.

We do that by feeling all of our feelings fully. By looking at all of our pain and experiencing it in its entirety.

Mental strategies will only get us 10-percent of the way. If you’re seeing massive success with mental strategies alone, imagine how that will exponentially grow when you bring the other 90-percent of your potential (your emotional network) back online. It’s powerful.

The healing of pain starts with each of us identifying honestly and then saying, “Yes, I have pain” and then sitting with that anger, hurt, grief, sadness, etcetera and feeling it fully, so fully that we move right through it.

When this happens, we heal the emotional injury that allows others (physical and spiritual) to hook into us and play us like a fiddle.

We can accelerate this process by having someone ask us the right questions at the right time. That’s the kind of work I do with clients.

Where do your thoughts come from? How many of them are even yours?

You might discover as you explore further that so many fewer of your ideas and beliefs are actually yours. Rather, they are latent programs having their way with you in the background.

Are you living your own life and desires, or merely expressing someone else’s?

Do you understand the motivations behind every action you take?

I’ve found these incredibly valuable concepts for consideration.

Underneath our pain lives infinite power. Power which can never be subjected to sabotage or recession. The question is whether we have the courage to face our deepest fears and pain, experience them fully, and expand beyond that into infinite potential?

I believe we each have the ability to do so. But do we have the courage?


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