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Life Transformation & Acupuncture with Nada Hogan

Had a chance to chat with transformational life coach and acupuncturist, Nada Robertson Hogan this week.

It was fun to gab about spirit science and the power of our thoughts.

We discuss how to reach for bigger desires while finding comfort right where you’re at.

We also touch a bit on each of the following (and more!):

—Eastern vs. Western philosophy
—The interesting cross-section of spirituality and science
—How your body responds to thoughts, fear, and love
—The 3 Wise Men: Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza
—The benefits of acupuncture and the ailments it’s good for (hint: almost everything)

And much, much more!

Tune in while you’re driving, working out, lolly-gagging, or lounging around and post your comments, feedback, and questions.

Thank you for your attention.

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