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Let life storm on you

Tony Robbins did a relationship and passion workshop that I took a while back and introduced a concept he called, “letting her storm on you.”

The way he was teaching it was the idea that men, in our divine masculine energy, can be so grounded and connected to source/God/purpose/consciousness/etc that our woman could literally call us a thousand names, accuse us of a million things, and even start hitting us, and we would stand there just loving her and tell her:

“I’m glad you’re telling me all of this baby, I want to hear you and be strong for us. I see you and we’re going to figure this out.”

It was this idea that by showing up unconditionally and still loving the one before us, we would inspire the relationship to new heights. That the divine masculine awakened the divine feminine and that polarity created passion.

In this practice, the man would show his woman that he loved her even more for being vulnerable enough to storm on him like that.

The premise is to be unshakable in your unconditional love.

That’s such a powerful stance to take and to master for a man or woman. And it doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships, it applies to your relationship with everyone, everything, and with reality itself.

If you’ve shown up less than unconditionally in relationships—that’s okay.

We don’t ever have to look back and start regretting anything we’ve done previously in the face of new awareness or information. The awareness that we want to do things differently and make new choices is the gift our past gives us.

Your past was entirely appropriate. All that matters is what you do from this moment on.

When you can let life storm on you and still show up saying:

“Thank you, life. I hear you and I’m not sure what this is teaching me but I know it is and I want to learn so I can be strong for us.”

And then LOVE reality as-it-is without judgment. When you can let life storm on you and trust that the reality simulation—your life—is absolutely perfect even if you don’t know why. When you can do that in every moment…

That’s egoless power.

Most people are trying to create some scenario in their life to get social power. But social power isn’t real or lasting.

Egoless power is available to you right now. And it is forever.

What you’re searching for isn’t a relationship, a job, a business, debt relief, or anything else.

What you’re searching for is egoless power. And you can have that right now.

You unlock it by accepting that even if you don’t understand why, the reality simulation is perfect, always.

And because of that perfection, you let life storm on you and you respond with grace. That’s how you show up in strength.

And in that graceful stance of egoless power the world becomes yours.

Do you understand how powerful you are right now in this very moment?

Your potential for egoless power is incredible. It’s awe-inspiring.

Let life storm on you and show up with grace. Feel how powerful you are in that graceful stance. Wow.


***As an easter egg, there is a BEAUTIFUL example of what egoless power looks like throughout the Netflix series, THE OA, but specifically in the final scenes of the final episode of the 1st season. God—it’s so powerful and beautiful. I tear up just thinking about it.

Egoless power is everything.

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