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Learning to respond to the river

Here’s how I’ve been expecting new and fun opportunities to come and how that might involve you…

I’m getting better and better at just showing up to whatever is right in front of me and being of service when and how I’m able.

Nothing more, nothing less.

My strategy in Human Design is to respond.

I’m playing with that concept a bit.

It requires a level of surrender.

That’s a toughy for anyone who runs with a crowd of busy-body entrepreneurs who love to force stuff to happen, but I’m managing just fine.

I’ve noticed that the more I put out into the world the concept that I’m here to respond, the more opportunities where I can truly be of service pop up in my life.

I got tired of saying yes to things that didn’t feel aligned. I’m cleaning up the areas of my life that haven’t felt fully aligned and moving into more heart-centered presence.

Sometimes it’s just offering a kind, listening ear.

Sometimes I have the exact words someone needed to hear.

Sometimes I’m a cheerleader.

Sometimes I inspire.

Sometimes I learn.

Sometimes I teach.

Sometimes I strategize.

Sometimes I implement.

And sometimes I do absolutely nothing and hold space for the right circumstances to show up so I can respond in perfect timing.

I’m trusting that the river of life is leading somewhere amazing and that I can just follow its flow back to some kind of remembrance.

I catch glimpses of it; a knowing that it’s there without knowing exactly what “it” is.

But I keep showing up and responding and learning and growing and the river is molding me into something that feels like everything and nothing.

That molding happens by my expectation that life will put the exact experiences I need in front of me and then I’ll have the opportunity to show up in full response to them.

It’s a strategy of non-resistance that’s counter-intuitive to the “do, do, do” proactive, make shit happen, never sleep, “self-help” fad that’s happening right now.

And expecting life to give me opportunities to respond is fun.

It’s nerve-racking at first:

“Where will my next opportunity come from?”

“How will I pay my bills?”

“What if I don’t know how to help or respond?”

“Should I be more proactive?”

“Should I charge more?”

“Should I charge less?”

“Am I worthy?”

But I’m working through it, saying no more often, and providing real value when opportunities that feel aligned show up in front of me.

Surrendering into life more wholly.

Maybe you’ve felt there was an opportunity that was well-suited for me?

Maybe it’s just someone to listen without judging. Maybe it’s a project. Maybe it’s a problem. Maybe it’s a solution. Maybe it’s a shot in the dark. Maybe it’s a complete paradigm shift.

I’m learning to show up and respond and enjoying that process of being more and more in flow.

If it feels like there’s something important you want to communicate to me, please reach out, whatever it’s about; nothing is off-limits.

As a matter of fact, the more “out there” or off-the-wall the more curious I am.

I’m awaiting new opportunities to be of service and ready to respond to your call.


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