time traveler

Imagine it better

Your imagination is your most powerful asset. Dream yourselves awake. Believe in your visions. Care for them. Feed them. Be fueled by them.

If you feel you need protection, clarity, or an opposing strategy, you’re not imagining well enough.

Imagine it better.

You are the decider.

Flow with the river, but keep your hand on the rudder.

Get rid of your paddles; the river of life moves in a circle. Everything is downstream.

All is well in all of creation.

The simulation we call life is perfect.

Be present with what is right in front of you and ask to be shown its perfection.

We need not conquer. That’s an old idea that does not serve.

We negotiate reality by becoming more than we oppose. By flowing more than we resist.

There is nothing ever going wrong, other than our limited interpretation.

Higher wisdom is available.

It is not found in books, blogs, or buildings.

Tap in. Tune in. Turn on.

Everything is found within.

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