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If you can’t see my mirrors, then…

Today I had a realization while driving behind a big ass truck on the highway…

The truck had a sign designed to keep me at a distance that read:

“If you can’t see my mirrors, then I can’t see you.”

On the surface, this just seems like sound advice for preventing a collision, but I let it move deeper within me as a catalyst for thought and found it to be an incredibly applicable adage for dealing with the “unconscious” people in our lives.

Since the experiment I’m running says that REALITY IS A MIRROR showing me some samskara (good or bad energy pocket/blockage) within myself, then everything I come into contact with is very similar to this big truck.

When someone does not have their own personal awareness, I can easily navigate them by seeing them as a beautiful mirror to my own energy system and emotional state.

It’s easy to point at “triggering people” and blame them for our problems, but that’s just it:

If we don’t see their mirrors (what they are reflecting back to us about ourselves), then it becomes highly unlikely that they will have any awareness of how to show up in a way that feels satisfying for us.

When we fail to see everyone and everything in our life as a mirror showing us our own energy system and emotional state, then we start projecting onto others and playing the blame game.

Worse, we keep our distance from people who could desperately use our own personal awareness as a trigger into have their own awakening.

If we could just find the resolve to look underneath the surface-level of all scenarios and instead of projecting, FEEL what the event was designed to show us about ourselves, then our projection no longer has to be mirrored back to us by reality.

In projecting at others we create a feedback loop that then escalates our own projection so we can become aware of it by seeing it reflected back in another.

Not aware of what you’re projecting into the world? No problem. Just keep doing it and reality will Amplify the projection back to you more and more. Until you’re aware of your samskaras and move through them, reality will just render itself as a reflection of them in more and more grandiose ways.

Some of the most triggering people in our lives are actually PERFECT MIRRORS to our own projection.

When we hold an unhealthy expectation of someone else then they will often respond to that projection to give us a personal awareness that we are out of integrity.

When we see others for the mirrors they are, we OWN our projections and bring them into our body as FEELINGS, instead of directing that energy at others.

When we stop projecting, let the mirror of reality show us what to feel, and then FEEL THAT FEELING FULLY, a funny thing starts to happen…

That “unconscious person” who couldn’t see the real us before, now has the ability to see beyond our projections and shows up in a more satisfying way.

They might even start having their OWN awareness about things.

Can you see the person in front of you’s mirrors?

If not, I’ll suggest that they won’t be able to truly see you.

The power is always in your perception.


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