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Faith Required

Feel what it’s like to have the thing that you desire in your imagination and then release all specifics about how it might come to you. Feel it and then trust that whatever comes next is leading you to a tangible experience of that feeling in physical reality.

This requires so much trust. So much grace. I’ve been tuning my faith in this process for 10+ years and I still don’t get it right all of the time, but I get close and I get better every single day at feeling where I’m out of alignment and adjusting for that.

It requires DEEP trust because reality rendering is not instantaneous [see my post on The Bounce from yesterday]. The tendency is to discount that your thought [your FEELING] has power. To call this new age magik and discount that it’s real.

Responding differently—believing your imagination is dictating your experience and trusting that whatever comes next IS tuning you towards that desired experience is how we become masters over our reality experience.

Law of attraction works. Prayer works. Visualization works. Anything you give enough attention to WILL work. That’s the point. It isn’t the practice that creates, it’s your deep-seated faith that the practice is valid and real.

That’s how you shift your physical experience from the template level of reality.

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