time traveler


One very simple way I’ve used to grow the muscle of intuition and creativity within is allowing myself time to just doodle without any expectation of outcome.

Spending time with a blank page a few times a week simply creating designs, doodling, and drawing things has been a fabulous practice for learning to visualize better and receive creative thought packets.

It’s also a great way to pull myself out of writer’s block or any other creative block.

Just take a small sheet of paper, sit down with it, and don’t get up until the page is full of doodles.

This also has a side effect of making your dreams at night more vivid and increases memory recall of those dreams.

It also puts my brain into a weird place of non-resistance and “no-thought” which allows new ideas to flow in more easily. Meditation and driving for long-distances also put me in this place of receptivity.

How are you growing your intuition?

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