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Does your vote even matter?

Personally, I believe there’s value in having an unswerving belief that the person you vote for will have a positive effect on reality, however delusional your belief is.

To alter objective reality, we have to first lend our attention to the future reality we wish to experience at the subjective level.

Your vote isn’t just something that gets counted on Nov. 8, it’s an intention and energy transmission—a focusing mechanism for tuning to the “future reality” that you wish to experience.

You can live whatever life you desire and thrive in any way you like REGARDLESS of who wins the presidency or the political climate. But the democratic process is an incredible focusing mechanism for tuning into and focusing more clearly on what you want reality to actually look like.

The candidate that wins an election isn’t nearly as important as your getting clear on what you wish reality to look like once they’re voted in.

What’s key is that the “desired reality” that you THINK your candidate will bring about might be better served through the OTHER candidate.

In the chess match of reality, a seemingly “wrong” move right now, could prove to be a perfect checkmate 20 moves later.

That’s why, for me, it’s fun to champion the candidate that you resonate with and use the elections as a focusing mechanism for thinking about what you want the world to look like.

But in the end, ANY candidate that gets into the White House has the potential to bring about the reality you’re conjuring in your mind, so long as we each lend our belief to that possibility.

If you’re voting for a candidate and they don’t win on Tuesday—that’s okay. Hold strong to the vision of the reality you thought your candidate would bring about because reality has a weird way of rendering itself in unusual ways that equate to the end goal we’re all desiring.

“God works in mysterious ways.”

The candidates don’t really matter all that much. What matters is how intensely you’re able to hold the vision of the reality you wish to live in.

To be a visionary is to recognize that all circumstances have the capacity to render individual empowerment when we interpret them in a way that serves the future reality experience we wish to have.


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