time traveler

Destroyer of Worlds

There’s a convincing school of thought that goes:

You are already perfect, you’ve just built up so many garbage, false, facade structures around yourself that you can no longer see or operate as your true being.

All this time is wasted trying to build something “out there” that you feel doesn’t exist yet. Tons of energy dumped into building something new while you have a concrete block tied to your back. It’s inefficient and exhausting.

Perhaps the path of least resistance is not in trying, desperately, to build something external to ourselves that we think will make us feel better, but rather, to DESTROY all fallacies within which prevent us from knowing the truth of what already is.

When we take aim at our own walls and destroy them, the world comes right up to us in the most brilliant ways.

Of course, I’m not preaching—I’m only trying to convince myself.


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