time traveler


No Pain, No Gain

My ability to exercise my true intelligence (mental/emotional) and potential is directly relational to my ability to experience all of my past and present pain and move through that pain until I have freed myself from it.

It’s an icky process and yet, incredibly rewarding. Read More

Life Plan (in 4 steps)

  1. Find alignment with God (gain experiential knowledge of what that actually means within current human experience and feel fully into that)
  2. Firmly develop an understanding of truth and love
  3. Find a place of fearlessness by slaying dragons as they show up
  4. Express known truth and love for the betterment of self and others: expression through books, art, films, documentaries, podcasts, courses, content, videos, speaking engagements, community, retreats, excursions, cruises, experiences, lectures, novels, feature films, businesses, and beyond