time traveler


Spiritual Entourage

“Spiritual Entourage” is the phrase I use to define the POTENTIAL that exists all around me.

I’m not 100% sure whether there are actual entities and/or spiritual beings that are around me at all times, guiding me, but I am certain that there is always “additional potential” available to me in some form. Read More


I’m playing around with simulation theory as presented by Tom Campbell and finding it fascinating.

One thing that stands out is this: Reality is just information with a series of “probable” futures that are always calculating in the “probable future database” to more easily render what we consider the present moment. Read More

The Soul Experiment

Everything that happens to each of us, no matter the circumstances, is a gift from your soul attempting to get you to wake up to your true feelings and passions.

That’s the experiment.

It’s an experiment that has served me very well, but it is not easy, at first. Read More