time traveler


When you’ve got candles and cake—
wrapped boxes that gleam.
When there’s singing and laughing,
over coffee and cream.

You’re given a distraction
from the song that is sung.
Which says, you’re getting older,
but your heart is still young.

.’Cause for all the year’s build up
to a day labeled, “Yours”
We’re rarely given a moment
to stop and take score.

And that’s what’s delicious
about each birthday’s close,
Not the things you’ve been given,
but the memories you chose.

For how we remember
is never black, white, or fast
But in every moment
we’re creating our past.

Which is a fun thought to think
on a day meant for reflection
To see mistakes and regret
as divine cast perfection.

May there always be moments
however brief and between
That give you a second
to see what you’ve seen.

And on every new birthday,
or any day that you choose
Here’s to finding grand meaning
in a way you can use.

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