time traveler

Are you cheating?

In my experience, interesting things start to happen when I stop cheating at whatever game I’ve chosen to play in any given moment of life.

It forces me to start contemplating and educating myself on how to win for real.

Cowards win by cheating because they aren’t creative and talented enough to win playing straight.

I’ve done that—a lot.

Slowly, I’m learning that discipline really does open up new levels of freedom.

Yes, there are rules which should be broken, but that wisdom can only come from truly working within a rule and finding its actual edges, rather than sidestepping because of too many unknowns or lack of understanding.

It’s too easy to win by cheating and cutting corners.

Mastery, in my estimation, is about breaking things into pieces, achieving excellence in every part, and then putting them all back together in some form which resembles artistry.

I highly recommend taking that moral leap and embracing all of its challenges.

It’s incredibly difficult, but on the rare occasions that I get it right, I’ve found it highly rewarding.


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