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#5: Who is Jon Ray with Jeff Ray?


One of the reasons for starting my podcast was that I recognized that I was more “myself” with some people and more “packaged” with others.

Doing this podcast was a challenge for “me” to be more ME in every situation and to make sure I am always discarding the facade in favor of expressing truthfully.

My brother has been a filmmaker since age 12 and has always had a knack for truthful expression. His best film work just leaves you with this incredibly honest FEELING that I’ve come to associate with his keen observation of life.

And because he and I lived together our entire childhood and then 10+ years as adults, he’s one of the people I feel most comfortable with in conversation, which is why I’m so glad we got to record our chat this week.

This conversation, to me, feels incredibly close to who I believe I actually am. As I listen back, there are very few places where I reel because I hear myself speaking from a false portion of myself.

Of course, I strive for truthful expression in everything I do, but I don’t always hit the mark dead center. In this conversation, I get close, and I can feel myself getting closer in EVERY conversation I have. And that doesn’t mean I spoke perfectly, it means I allowed myself to be perfectly flawed.

Truthful expression is a nuanced process. The more I think I’m doing it well, the greater my awareness expands, showing me where I can still improve.

I expect that process of honest fine-tuning to continue on into forever.

But, right now, chatting with my brother about life—this feels like ME. In this episode we discuss:

  • Filmmaking (and Jeff’s early melodramatic student films from childhood)
  • Did Jeff solve the JFK assassination conspiracy when he was 15 years old?
  • The reason for existence
  • Finding your passion or soul’s purpose
  • What do I do with my life?!
  • Fostering and growing your interests
  • Ditching the old paradigm for a new kind of success
  • We used to be SO POOR and eat those cheap, terrible-for-you, Ramen noodles at every meal
  • Moving towards a goal but enjoying where you’re at
  • Why daily exercise is important
  • Visualization as a tool for building a better “virtual” reality
  • Finding an existential strategy
  • Focusing on one thing at a time
  • Working with actors and giving them freedom
  • Having a storyboard is like having a Bible that guides you on a film set
  • 90-percent of directing is done before you show up on set
  • Is navigating reality more like directing a film?
  • Choosing the “actors” in your life carefully
  • It’s important to be confronted with opposing viewpoints
  • Humility is key in personal growth
  • Getting lost in backcountry
  • Bro bros be POLITICKING
  • Reason vs. Emotion
  • Living in a post-fact world
  • Peeling away layers of reality and adding in new data streams
  • Managing depressive states
  • Solving disease at the physical, spiritual, and/or soul level
  • Nobody REALLY knows what’s going on
  • There is wisdom in “I don’t know”
  • Forgiving people is hard but valuable
  • The Illuminati and conspiracy theories
  • The value of having opposition
  • Popularity contests are silly—especially when they decide the President
  • Is fame a detriment?
  • Being ready for the world stage
  • MK-ultra clone-Kanye or perfect troll?
  • Getting triggered
  • Victimhood
  • Chaos allows for order
  • Making calculated mistakes and learning from them quickly
  • Speaking your truth
  • Learning to take feedback
  • Virtual reality and the video game of life
  • Listening to your body and tuning your nervous system
  • Lizard people

…okay, we may not have gotten all the way into discussing lizard people THIS TIME but I still enjoyed our conversation immensely.

Jeff Ray makes beautiful films which you can view on his website: http://jeffrayshootsyou.com —they’re really great (but of course, I’m his brother, so I’m biased aF!)

If anything above resonates, feel free to save this link and listen to this episode in your N.E.T. time (time spent commuting, running errands, exercising, or cleaning the house, etc).

Comment as you listen to keep the conversation going!

Thank you for your attention.


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