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#4: Who is Jon Ray with Barbara Gale?

Several years ago I met a woman who claimed she could tell me my soul purpose by looking at my fingerprints. That made me curious…

Sure enough, after inking my hand and fingers, she was able to point to loops and swirls in my fingertips and palms then give me some very relevant information about my life’s journey, and a much needed confirmation on the direction I was heading.

Later on, I took her 90-day “Command Your Bliss” course and found the tools she teaches in it to be incredibly valuable in helping me take greater command over the circumstances in my life.

This week, I had the opportunity to chat with Barbara about quite a few topics on the podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Finding your soul purpose in your fingertips
  • Discovering personal empowerment
  • Several meanings of “awakening” and how to know if you’re having one
  • How to make your metaphysical energy work actionable in the “real” world
  • Getting to know your pain body
  • Emotional processing
  • What it means to structure the energies around you
  • Learning to express your soul’s desire
  • How crystals and consciousness technology work to empower us
  • Growing your decision space and opening up new potential
  • How to stop playing small
  • The power of time-blocking your dreams
  • A practice for overcoming your fears
  • 3 steps to use “negative” experiences as the energetic catalyst to move in the direction you choose
  • Why fear keeps us from caring for and nurturing ourselves properly
  • How to discover what it is you actually want and finding satisfaction
  • Softening cognitive dissonance
  • What is “energy work”?
  • Identifying messages from your spiritual entourage
  • The way you perceive reality is a story YOU are writing
  • Being open-minded yet skeptical
  • Tapping into new frequencies and information that serves your highest potential
  • How to lift your spirits
  • Giving past feelings expression
  • Going “out of body” or “stuffing” your feelings
  • Moving from a mental dimension to a more experiential dimension
  • Is reincarnation real? And does it matter?
  • Placebo and Nocebo effect + the power of intention
  • Follow what resonates with you, but be willing to look at hard truths
  • Creating morning “multiplier moments”
  • Confronting dark truths
  • Moving through the dimensional layers of reality
  • Discarding a victimhood identity and donning empowerment
  • Chaos as the shortcut to what you desire

These long-form conversations are powerful for me and my hope is you might glean something you find valuable, as well.

Many thanks to Barbara Gale for her insight and wisdom.

Learn more about her work at: http://awakenyourfire.com

Listen as you drive, workout, clean the house, or just take a rest on the couch, then comment as you listen to keep the conversation going!

Thank you for your attention.

Know someone I should have on the podcast? I’d love for you to make a connection. 🙂

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