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#3: Who is Jon Ray with Clark Patrick?


Clark Patrick was a fine tour guide through paradise this past week in Oahu, Hawaii.

In between the festivities and joyous adventures of watching one of our best friends get married, we were able to sit down in Waikiki and have a good little chat.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Hawaii got branded as “paradise”
  • Why Hawaii (and many of the “most beautiful places on Earth”) have such high suicide rates
  • What to do when you realize external factors can never bring you existential joy
  • Getting over depression (is it possible?)
  • Utopia traps
  • Finding paradise within yourself
  • Unmasking your dirty, dark, personal secrets
  • Running away from problems vs. running towards desires
  • Loading your toolbelt with the right existential tools
  • Why thinking “I’ve got it all figured out” is the biggest trap of all
  • How to use “I don’t know” as a tool for dimensional travel and expansion into new universes
  • Frequency healing & “blueprint health”
  • Letting go of control
  • Why, perhaps, we need a villain in our life
  • Is the Universe eating itself?
  • The power of appreciation and how to appreciate stuff that sucks

And much more!

Play along and comment as you listen. These conversations are important to me because I’m hoping to better learn about myself from others—and that includes you!

The hive mind is alive and well and we can utilize it to both confirm and challenge our biases.

I look forward to learning more about who YOU are as you listen, comment, and share.

Aloha and mahalo.

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