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#1: Who is Jon Ray with Dustin Doering?

Long conversations with interesting people are my favorite thing.

There’s just some kind of transmutational magic that happens with long-form conversations that doesn’t come across in shorter-form media.

I’m interested in trying to capture some of that magic by talking to people who inspire and challenge me.

Here’s the first of a series of conversations I plan on putting out on a regular basis.

I’m chatting with a dear and long-time friend of mine, Dustin Doering.

A few things we discuss in this episode are:

  • Reality as a Mirror
  • Emotional processing
  • The nature of reality
  • Dimensional mapping
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • The “Elites”
  • Literal interpretations of the Bible
  • Christianity
  • The nature of God
  • Utopia Traps
  • Metaphysical Manipulation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy Resonance

And much more…

As you listen, please comment and play along. I’m incredibly interested in using these conversations and the “hive mind” of listeners who tune in to better understand and improve myself and my perspective on and of reality.

Know someone I should talk to? Send me their info, please!

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