time traveler


I feel something

Over the tail end of last year, I found myself saying something inaccurate to friends, family, and clients, over and over again.

“You can become so good at creating reality that you become utterly bored with your life. Your souls craves mystery.”

It wasn’t entirely clear to me what that meant at the time or why I felt so keen on saying it to everyone I spoke with.

There was something true in the statement, however. Read More

A mistake I’m now correcting about surrender

I’ve been saying NO to things that don’t feel totally aligned.

That seemed like a good practice.

There’s a certain movement happening in some communities that’s centered around the “if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no” philosophy.

But there is a difference between mind-aligned and soul-aligned and it can be difficult to tell the difference at first. Read More